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Bridal Silhouette

Bridal Silhouette

Which silhouette should you choose?

It’s the day of your bridal appointment and when you arrive one of the first questions that gets asked is “what type of silhouette would you like to wear?” Now you might already have an idea of how you want the dress to look, maybe you want it floaty or fitted? but knowing exactly how to describe your dream gown will help you find ‘the one’, or at least trying on different types of silhouettes will help narrow down your options until you do find your dream dress. 

How do you know it’s ‘The One’?


You’ve been watching all the TV shows and everyone cries when they find ‘the one’ so ‘is this how I’m supposed to be?’ you ask yourself, well despite what the shows have you thinking not everyone does cry, some brides will jump up and down, others will giggle and some just smile.

So here are some points to guide you into knowing it’s ‘the one’

This is a dress that you just can’t bear to take off!

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